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In Australia, there are over 1 million people who have made the step to control their own super and setup their own Self Managed Superannuation fund (SMSF).

The Self-Managed Super option is no flash in the pan; the sector now represents a combined asset value in excess of $550 billion.
The reasons for this are numerous, but we find control is the number one driver:

  • control over investment decisions
  • control over asset allocation
  • control over fees and control over assets.

Australians wanting to take advantage of tax strategies that are not available in retail funds is also a major factor for setting up an SMSF.

Many of our clients choose to invest their superannuation in a self-managed super fund (SMSF). The benefits of self-managed super for those with substantial amounts to invest are manifold. Most importantly, it gives control of your investments to you, rather than a fund manager.


Super Services

Setting up Self Managed Super Funds


Advising on investment options and overall financial strategy and reviewing performance

Administrative Assistance

Providing administrative and actuarial assistance


Monitoring of compliance with licensing obligations and to satisfy requirements of the ATO and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

Product Offerings

Advising on superannuation product offerings

Investment Strategy

Investment strategy advice through our Investment Division

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SMSFs are often mismanaged or misunderstood resulting in administrative penalties or poor investment choices. For these reasons you need a trustworthy SMSF specialist to give you professional advice setting up your SMSF and help you manage your fund’s investments and compliance work as your SMSF grows.

Here at Poole Group, we value preserving your financial security for years to come. Our super team will provide you with a competitive quote to support and guide you to take greater control of your SMSF.

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