Receipt Bank automatically extracts the key data from your bills, invoices and receipts then publishes this information directly into Xero

No more storing receipts and invoices!

The bank feed supplies your accounting software with real time information on your money in/out. Receipt Bank adds the transactions that are due for payment as well as the supporting documentation of your transactions.

Receipt and invoice processing

Receipt Bank extracts the necessary data from the transactions and securely stores the scanned copies in your online account, ensuring your business has its records saved in an easily retrievable way.

Easy Upload

You can send your bills, invoices and receipts to Receipt Bank in a number of ways. For example the iPhone and Android apps allow you to take photos on the go – perfect for those taxi or coffee receipts! You can also use email-in, direct upload, Dropbox and Paypal.

Making your life easier

Poole Group will have access to your Receipt Bank account enabling us to manage your expenses from there. The partnership with Receipt Bank is an example of how we are continually taking advantage of new technology to help our clients improve their businesses!