Deceased Estates

You may feel that it would help ease the burden to have some guidance in managing the complexities involved in the administration of a deceased estate.

deceased estatesDealing with the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult things any of us will ever do. We can meet with you and your solicitor (if needed) to work out an action plan.

We assess if an income tax return is necessary and apply for a Tax File Number, process and lodge necessary Final Tax Returns or advise the Australian Taxation office if a return is not necessary. We will also advise the Australian Taxation Office in writing of the Finalisation of the Estate, and give final advice to Executors of any other important tax matters. If there are entities other than your loved one, we can also assist with the compliance of these.

Our specialist, Kerri can also work closely together with our Investment & Insurance division to assist you in the completion of share transfers and/or sale.

Deceased Estates Services
Tax Advice

Provide Tax Advice on the Transfer or Sale of Property & Superannuation benefits to the Estate or directly to beneficiaries in the most tax effective manner.


Apply for Trust Estate TFN, Preparation of necessary Tax Return or deceased estate returns during administration until finalisation.

Superannuation and Insurance Recovery

Our Investment & Insurance division can liaise with Fund managers directly to recover these proceeds for the applicable beneficiaries or the estate.

Final Tax Returns

Preparation of final Tax Return for the Deceased Person

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