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COVID-19, Government Stimulus and JobKeeper Payments

COVID-19, Government Stimulus and JobKeeper Payments

The Australia Taxation Office opened the registration for Businesses to enrol for JobKeeper payments yesterday.  To be eligible for this first payment registrations must be lodged with the ATO by the 26th April 2020.

Whilst you may have already registered interest, you still need to enrol.  Businesses can only enrol if they have had a decline in turnover, your business has experienced or is likely to experience a fall in turnover of at least 30%, at least 50% if your turnover is more than $1 billion, or at least 15% if you are an ACNC-registered charity other than a school or university.

If you are fall into this category, then you must enrol for the JobKeeper payment before the 26th April, 2020 to receive the April payment.  The steps are as follows;

Step 1 – Enrol for the JobKeeper payment

Step 2 – Identify and maintain your eligible employees

Step 3 – Make a business monthly declaration

Registrations need to be lodged by 26th April to be eligible for April payment.

Each of these steps can be completed by you, the business owner, by logging into your Business Portal using your myGovID.  For more information please click on the link for further instructions.

However, as your registered agent we can complete these steps on your behalf.  Please email your usual Poole Group accountant or email us at poole@poolegroup.com.au as soon as possible. Alternatively, call our office on 07 5437 9900.

We are available for you to assist you and your business.  Please contact us for any assistance you may need with enrolling for the JobKeeper payment or any of the other government stimulus packages.

We are in this together and here for you.

Warmest Regards
Don, David, Craig, Dale, Neil, Kirk and all the team at the Poole Group.

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