bookkeepingAs business owners, you’d like to think you can learn any skill it takes to run your business better. But can just anyone learn to do their books? That’s like saying anyone can learn to be an artist. Is it true? Maybe. You may be a successful business owner with a multitude of skills, but if bookkeeping is one of your weakest links, you should probably hire a bookkeeper to help you out. Imagine what you’d do with an extra 10 or 20 hours a week to work on YOUR business? Your business growth would take a rapid upturn.

With the adoption of Xero and the cloud, Poole Group (partnered with Zerobooks) offers businesses a bookkeeping data processing service to alleviate the time consuming bottlenecks that stops you from growing your business. We want to understand your big picture and commit to helping you reach those goals.

Bookkeeping Services
Streamline your Suppliers

Skip the data entry, your suppliers send the invoices directly to us and we’ll enter and attach the invoice in Xero ready for you to approve and pay.

Deal with your Debtors

Improve your cashflow, we will follow up overdue accounts so you don’t have to

Reconcile your Records

Up to date accounts, no more bank reconciliations because we’ll take care of it for you.

Monitor what matters

Know how your business is actually performing, our monthly management report highlights key KPIs for your business.