Accessing myGov

Have you setup your MyGov Account?

Did you know you can access a large amount of your government information via MyGov? When setting your MyGov account you will need identity documents so make sure you check what you need before you begin the process.

Please also note that when you set up your MyGov account the ATO will automatically change your correspondence from paper to delivery to your MyGov account.

What does this mean?

It means that any documents you formerly received in paper will no longer be sent to you by mail but rather uploaded to your MyGov account. So if you set up your MyGov account make sure you check the account regularly.

Recently we have had clients whose Notice of Assessment (NOA) did not issue. Whilst the mailing address is still listed on the front of the tax return the client had recently set up a MyGov account. The NOA was available to the client on their MyGov account. The client had not checked their account and received a text from the ATO for an overdue account. The redirection of mail isn’t just limited to NOA but all ATO correspondence including Instalment Activity Statements and overdue accounts etc.

If you are having issues with ATO mail not being received this will be the most likely reason. You can contact the ATO and request that your correspondence is still sent to you via mail. If you need any help please contact us.